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What‘s HTML5 Format

HTML (HyperText Markup Language), also known as HTML4, is specially designed to be used on World Wide Web, describing what a webpage looks like. In fact, HTML or HTML4 was finalized and published in 1999. Since it delivers the static pages only, which is quite boring, other plug-ins such as CSS, Flash, Java, Silver light are coupled with it so as to meet users’ requirement for impressive web features. Another big problem of HTML4 is its limited functionality. It is heavily reliant upon the plug-ins for creating images or videos and then embedding them into the HTML pages. The immediate sequel is that it’s difficult to maintain proper standards with too many plug-ins.

In light of its flaws and limitation, HTML5 was specially built on high-level standard, replacing its predecessor HTML4. The stunning features about HTML5 include but not limited to: support cross-platform, available for more new makrup tags, less dependence on plug-in for functionality, public development process, giving users a clear idea of what’s going on. In some way, HTML5 makes things much easier to the web developer. It is believed that HTML5 is the future of web browsing, revolutionizing the traditional surfing way as we do today. Up till now, it is widely accepted by most well-known web browsers such as Firefox, IE9, Chrome, Safari, Opera and more. Moreover, more than 1 billion mobile phones will offer support to the HTML5 for their default browsers by the end of 2013, in the meanwhile, the number of web developers will reach 2 million. Naturally, we can infer that HTML5 will be the Commander of internet mobile filed in the coming future.

It is said that the full standards specification for HTML5 will be completed by 2014 while the full standards specification for HTML5.1 to be accomplished by 2016.

Firecoresoft Video Converter is a powerful yet user-friendly HTML5 Video Converter capable of converting any popular video formats like AVI, WMV, FLV, MPEG to HTML5 MP4/OGG/WEBM, allowing you to enjoy all videos on popular web browsers without installing any plug-in.

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