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"3D" is absolutely a mega hit this year. With the gradual development of 3D technology, more and more videos/movies are being released in 3D. But, what actually is 3D? How much do you know about the 3D Technology?

Before getting down to 3D issue, it is quite necessary for us to say something about 2D/2D videos. Generally speaking, a common 2D (two-dimensional)video has got width and height but without the depth. It is kind of hard to understand, right? Let's put it this way: when we are seeing a 2D movie, we can see all of the images presented in the normal way without jumping or popping out of the screen, giving us the feeling of being engaged.

On the other hand, 3D, or we may call three-dimensional, refers to something that combines width, height and depth/length. In this regard, we are living a 3D world with everything moving in 3D every day. A 3D video or movie is in fact a motion picture, by enhancing the illusion of depth perception; it provides the stunning stereoscopic vision. That is to say, there are two separate images being displayed simultaneously-one image for each eye. Overall, there are three common display methods for 3D including :

1. Anaglyphic processing (red/cyan glasses): The original 3D system but now is largely disgraced.

2. Polarized light system (polarized filter glasses): It is the most commonly adapted in cinemas.

3. Active shutter system (LCD shutter glasses): Regarded to be the first standard used by the first generation of 3D televisions as well as other 3D displays.

So far, some technical problems still exist since the 3D technology is not as matured as we thought, although it offers many possibilities in every aspect of digital life especially in the entertainment field. Actually, 3D technology has been available for over a decade, during which time, TVs was very popular. By 1950, a number of 3D movies were created. And now, 3D technology is being used in TVs, camcorders, laptops and more. However, 3D technology is not only limited to the theater films/movies, many television broadcast also incorporate this similar method for the marketing's sake.

The less-matured and slowly-developed 3D technology smalls the amount of 3D videos on the websites directly. Still, people have got ways to create their own 3D videos out of 2D resources. In fact, many famous movies or film were converted from 2D to 3D by using various approaches like the depth-based method. There is no doubt that 3D technology will keep on expanding. As it is getting matured, there will be much more 3D video/movies with a lower price available for everyone.

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