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What‘s MOD Format

MOD, short for Module, is a computer file used to represent music. It consists of a group of samples, music scores and pattern order, directing the MOD music player to play certain track sample in a proper pattern at the appropriate time. Actually, MOD is not a special format but MPEG-2 Program Stream file instead. Basically, MOD video files can be played on the computer with the installation of a player which can reproduce the MPEG-2 video--compliant with the DVD specification.

Up till now, MOD format has being used by quite a few standard definition hard-drives and digital camcorders, such as Canon (FS100, FS10, and FS11), JVC (GZ-MG30, GZ-MG70, GZ-MG37, GZ-MG77, etc) and Panasonic (SDR-S100, SDR-S150, SDR-S10, SDR-H18, SDR-H200, SDR-H40, SDR-H60, SDR-SW20, etc), all of which save the multiple files with the suffix ".MOD". Occasionally, some video editing software which supports MPEG-2 Program Stream files will fail to support the MOD files since they cannot recognize the suffix ".MOD" files at all. In this circumstance, what you need to do is revise the filename suffix from ".MOD" to “MPG” because MPG has got better compatibility for the MPEG-2 files.

MOD file format has been in use for quite a few years. It used to be very popular because it provided a good way of making music with acceptable quality and low cost. Besides, the acoustics effect by using MOD format excelled that of MIDI and the size of the file is a bit smaller. With the high-quality stereo hardware being used, the sound effect produced by MOD format can be improved a lot, even to the professional standard.


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Firecoresoft Video Converter (Video Converter for Mac) can be used as a professional MOD Converter, which is specializing in converting MOD videos to all popular formats such as MOV, MP4, ASF, MKV, 3GP, 3G2, etc as well as transferring MOV to portable mobile devices like iPhone5, HTC One, Blackberry, PSP and more.

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