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What's RMVB Format

Before starting our topic, let me ask you a question: do you love watching movies/TV shows/videos in your spare time? If you do, I bet you would have met with the RMVB file since it is commonly used in many websites such as BitTorrent, eDonkey and Gnutella. So, how much do you know about the RMVB and do you have any problem in handling the RMVB file?

Let's talk about the first question: what is RMVB format? Actually, you can get a much more comprehensive description about RMVB on the internet or from the library. To save you time, I would like to make it briefer. RMVB stands for RealMedia Variable Bitrate, it was developed by RealNetworks and initially designed to be compatible with the RealPlayer-RealNetworks' proprietary media player. RMVB is RealNetworks' first codec that can support variable bitrates since it is encoded with a variable bitrates format(VBR).Notes: according to the segment complexity of a music file, the VBR format will designate different output rates as well as the storage space, that is to say, the more complicated the data file is, the higher bitrates and more storage it will get.

The RMVB format is not streamed. When you downloaded an RMVB video file from the websites, you can view the content directly even without internet connection because the RMVB codecs are located on your computer hard drive completely, this is one of the most distinguished difference between RMVB and the other RealPlayer codecs. In fact, RMVB format was very popular in the past few years. You can find it in lots of Asian videos, especially Chinese movies and TV episodes. Despite its popularity, it has got limitations. Generally speaking, there is not much software or media players being able to support the RMVB format, with the exclusive of Windows platform, including the proprietary RealPlayer 10 and the open-sourced Media Player Classic, using an appropriate DirectShow filter or Real Alternative and more. Due to its limitation, people would have trouble when playing the RMVB videos on the applications like QuickTime or portable devices like PSP, iPod, etc. In this regard, the format conversion is required. Firecoresoft RMVB Video Converter is able to convert the RMVB to any video formats that best fit the desired applications or devices. It does the conversion with lightning speed and excellent output guaranteed. If you have got any problems in handling the RMVB files, why not give a shot?

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