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What‘s VOB Format

Every day, we may come across various video files including the VOB format. Short for DVD Video Object, VOB is container format specially used to save all MPEG-2 video & audio data which also includes the subtitles, menu contents, buttons and more. That is why when we are looking through the DVD menu, we will find that the VOB files size is considerably larger. The VOB file is of very strict MPEG stream standard, which means not all MPEG program streams are in compliance with the definition of VOB files.

Generally speaking, most regular video players offer support to the VOB files, which include VLC Media Player, Apple DVD player, MPlayer, CyberLink Power DVD, Media Player Classic (MPC), Nero Showtime and more. In case that the playback of the VOB video files doesn’t go smoothly, it is recommended to convert VOB to other video formats with better compatibility. Firecoresoft Video Converter (Video Converter for Mac) is exactly one of the professional tools to transcode common videos to VOB file or convert VOB video to any other video formats smoothly.

Having a close look at the DVD disc, we will find that there also exists the IFO file which contains the information that has the control over the playback of VOB video files. Since IFO is very important to the DVD video, there are copes for all IFO files which are also known as the Bup files. They are stored in a VIDEO_TS folder on the DVD disc. When we insert the DVD disk into the DVD-ROM, the DVD menu will be shown in the first place, allowing us to choose the scene, language and subtitles freely. Besides, there is also an AUDIO_TS folder to hold the DVD audio, which is usually empty without anything.

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