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How to Convert HTML5 Video to SWF

Is HTML5 the future? I surely hope so! Unfortunately, it isn't the present. I mean, it is not yet time for Flash to say bye-bye. Yes, HTML5 is fantastic enough, but currently, the overwhelming majority websites prefer Flash. HTML5 still has some way to go to catch up with Flash's capabilities, for example, when animating vector graphics using JavaScript and a HTML5 tag, you'll get some visual degradation and also have to write a lot of code. It takes a lot of JavaScript to do the same thing as that of Flash.

Besides, if you have some HTML5 videos and want to share them online, you may notice that 75% web videos are viewed using Flash so that you might need to convert HTML5 video to .swf format for a better and wider use on the Web. Taking this into consideration, I'm writing this article to tell you how to conduct the conversion from HTML5 to SWF by using a third-party app called HTML5 to Flash Converter. Note that since this time I'm doing the conversion on Mac, I use the HTML5 to Flash Converter for Mac.

Mac Version

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Windows Version

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Tips: For preparation, you need to click the button above to download the converter (Windows or Mac version) as per your need, and then install and run it.

Import HTML5 videos to the program

To start with, add the source HTML5 videos to the Video Converter. You can either click the "Add Files" button to load the files or drag and drop the selected files onto the main panel. Note that all HTML5 video formats -- MP4/WebM/OGG/OGV and batch conversion are supported.

add source files


Set output parameters

After loading the HTML5 video files, you can set the detailed output parameters. To convert HTML5 video to .swf, you should follow "Profile" > "Common Video" > "SWF(*.swf)" to set the output format.

set output format

Thereafter, you can press the "Settings" button to adjust the detailed output video and audio parameters according to your preference.



Converting HTML5 to SWF

At last, don't forget to hit the big green "Start" button to launch the conversion. The conversion will be finish with fast speed and high image quality. After that, you can use the SWF file wherever Flash is supported.


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