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The Most Effective Way to Convert SWF to OGG on Mac/Wins

Nowadays, it is quite common for people to own a personal website. To make the website outstanding and attractive, we can add some stunning Flash animation on it. Occasionally, we may encounter the conditions like: 1. some websites fail to support the Flash SWF file. 2. Mac users cannot view the embedded Flash content on the websites for lacking of the Flash plugin.

To upload the Flash SWF to a website and make sure that it can be played by popular browsers smoothly, the most effective way is to convert SWF to OGG -- friendly format by HTML5 webpage in which no Flash plugin is required. Now, the problem changed to be how to convert SWF to HTML5 OGG? What kind of tool do we need?

Take it easy! All the answers can be found on Firecoresoft SWF to OGG Converter for Mac. It does a great job in converting SWF file to OGG on Mac with the fast speed and the best output quality. Besides, its built-in editing features allow you to polish the SWF video files freely.

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Windows Version

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Tips: Firecoresoft specially provides the free trial version of SWF to OGG converter for Windows, helping al Windows users to convert SWF to HTML5 OGG flawlessly. This guidelines of transcoding SWF video file to OGG is based on Mac, which can be used as reference for Windows.

Import SWF Video File to the Converter

Before importing source file, please download Firecoresoft Mac SWF to OGG Converter, install and run it. Then, click the Select File button, you can import the SWF file that needs to be converted into the program. Having imported the video file, you can see it playing automatically.

add file


Select HTML5 OGG as the Output Format

Having added swf file to the program, it's time to choose the output format. Click the "Profile" button, you will be offered a format list with lots of video/audio formats on it. Since we would like to convert SWF to HTML5 OGG for website display, we should choose "Web share"-"OGG(*.ogg)" from the format list.

set output format

Tips: After choosing the output format, you can customize the video/audio settings if needed. For example, specify the video encoder/bit rate/frame rate/resolution, etc.



Polish SWF Video File Optionally

As mentioned above, there are some fantastic editing features provided by the program. Why not make the full use of them to make the SWF video file attractive. So, what can you do?

1. Click the "Crop" button, you can alter the SWF file size by specifying the Left, Bottom, Width and Height or using the mouse to drag the dash the frame as you wish.

edit swf video file

2. After customizing the SWF file size, press the "Add Watermark" button, you can upload your favorite image into the program and use it as the watermark. Besides, you can also customize the dimension, location and transparency of the watermark as you like.

edit swf video file


Begin to Convert SWF to HTML5 OGG

All things have been done, simply click the "Start" button and a new window will show up, then, the converter will get down to conducting the conversion immediately. You can control the process in real-time. After finishing, you can get the converted SWF video file and upload it onto your website without any obstacles.

convert SWF to OGG Mac

If you have any query about how to convert SWF to OGG or other formats, kindly leave us a message.

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