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How to Convert Flash to HTML5 on Mac/Windows

Flash is definitely powerful. Currently, 85% of the most-visited websites use Flash in one form or other, and 75% of web videos are viewed using Flash. However, to view Flash contents needs Flash plugin, which Mac and most mobile devices don't support. Considering user experience, Flash is not performing like the best of the best. Chances are that, your site is aiming at Mac users or mobile devices users, and you embed a Flash SWF video to the webpage, but your target users can't even see it. Terrible, isn't it? What can you do if you want to embed an SWF video file to a webpage when Flash plugin is not available? Well, why not consider to convert Flash .swf to HTML5 video file?

HTML5 is a new open source web standard developing in fast speed. Today, over 75% of developers are already using HTML5, and 74% of the browser market now supports HTML5 video. As it is open source, everyone can easily embed videos to an HTML5 webpage by using <video> tag -- no extra plugin is needed! Thus, like what I've mentioned above, to convert Flash to HTML5 video file would be a cool idea for user experience's sake. But how to convert SWF to HTML5 on Mac/Windows? Take a few seconds to read the following guide and you will get the easy way out.

To begin with, a professional Flash to HTML5 Converter for Mac is needed so that we can freely convert SWF to HTML5 on Mac with ease. Of course, Windows users need the SWF Converter for Windows.

Mac Version

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Windows Version

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After downloading the converter, intall and launch it, and then follow the tutorial below to convert Flash .swf to HTML5 video:


Load the source Flash file to the converter

To import SWF file, you can either click the "Select File" button or directly drag and drop the file onto the main panel of the program. Can't be more simple, right?

select files


Select an HTML5 video format for output

Hit the "Profile" menu bar, where you will see various output file formats and output presets for popular devices.To convert Flash to HTML5, choose the output format from the "Web share" tab accordingly. Generally speaking, HTML5 video formats include HTML5 MP4, OGG and WebM, and each of them suits different web browsers. Just pick up one of them as per your need.

set output format

Tips: Supported browsers and video formats:
IE 9+: HTML5 MP4 or WebM; Firefox 4+: HTML5 WebM or OGG; Firefox 3.5: HTML5 OGG; Chrome 6+: HTML5 WebM or OGG; Chrome 3+: HTML5 OGG; Opera 10.60+: HTML5 WebM or OGG; Opera 10.50+: HTML5 OGG; Safari 4+: HTML5 MP4.

Optional: Add watermark to the video

You can Press the "Crop" button and hit the "Add Watermark" to add an image watermark to protect your copyright, or to promote your brand.

add watermark


Convert Flash .swf to HTML5 video

At last, press the "Start" button to the conversion window and launch the conversion from SWF to HTML5 video. Real-time is allowed for better control over the conversion. When it is finished, a pop-up window will indicate you the destination of the converted file.

convert video

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