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Best Way to Convert SWF to HTML5 MP4 on Mac/Wins

As the latest version of HTML standard, HTML5 boasts a host of new stunning features such as support for audio/video/Flash SWF embedding and allows us to watch the embedded content on portable devices like iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire using the popular Web browsers without any extra plugins.

Yes, HTML5 has greatly affected the way we think and use the web. Currently, more and more people have created their personl websites either for commercial profit or non-commercial use. Sometimes, they need to embed some Flash SWF video files into the websites, making them more attractive. It is really cool. However, they seem to overlook a BIG problem—Mac, iOS and Android users cannot view the Flash content at all since the devices they use fail to support the Flash plugin.

So, is there any solution to embed the Flash SWF files to the webpage and make sure that all Mac, iOS or Android users can access the content? Here is the best way out: convert SWF file to HTML5 MP4 on Mac/Wins--the optimal format accepted by most mobile devices. Now, you may be thinking: how can I transcode the SWF to HTML5 MP4 on Mac acutually? Again, there's a best way around this--using a professional SWF to HTML5 converter for Mac developed by Firecoresoft.

To keep things simple, let's just fall straight from SWF to HTML5 MP4 on Mac. Now, fasten your seat belts, follow me to take a tour of the convesion by using the great SWF to HTML5 Converter.

Mac Version

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Windows Version

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Tips: Before starting the conversion, please download the converter, install and run it. If you are running Windows, please refer to Firecoresoft SWF to HTML5 Converter for Windows. You can follow the guidelines here to convert SWF file to HTML5 MP4 on Windows as well.

Add SWF Video File into the Program

Entering the interface of the program, you can see four buttons displayed on the tool bar. Click the first one "Select File", browse to the location where you save the SWF source file and load it into the program. Besides, you can specify the SWF file, drag and drop it directly into the program as well.

add file


Select HTML5 MP4 as the Output Format

When you click the "Profile" menu bar, you will get a format list, on which, there listed lots of video/audio formats as well as optimal presets for most popular devices. To attain our goal of converting .swf to HTML5 .mp4, please follow this way: select "Web share"-"MP4(*.mp4)" from the format list. Please note that you can choose other formats best suit with the web browsers that you need.

set output format

Tips: Here is a list of supported browsers and video formats for your easy reference.



Customize SWF Video File As Per Your Need

There are some built-in editing features for freely use. For exmaple, you can modify the SWF file size by hitting the "Crop" button. Or, add watermark to the video file by using your favourite image, you are allowed to alter the dimension and transparency of the watermark based on your need. No more explanation here, please feel free to check them out by youself.

edit swf video file


Convert Flash SWF File to HTML5 MP4 Format

After the previous three steps, press the "Start" button to head for the conversion window and launch the conversion from .swf to HTML5 .mp4 will start automatically. It won't take you much time to complish the process. Once finished, you can open the folder, get the converted SWF file and then embed it to the websites easily.

convert SWF to HTML5 MP4 Mac

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