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About iPhone

When asked what is the best well-known smart phone in the world, unsurprisingly, the answer would be Apple iPhone! Marketed by Apple Inc, the iPhone is a type of smartphone combining cell phones and much multimedia functionality into a single device. Ever since the releasing of the first generation, iPhone has been enjoying an international glorious run.

An iPhone is considered as a little smart computer which provides comprehensive and advanced features. Literally, with an iPhone on hand, lots of things can be accomplished effortlessly. For example, making calls, listening to music, enjoying media contents, taking pictures, shooting videos, checking emails, surfing internet and so on. That said, an iPhone can function as a cell phone, a handy media player, a video camera or a mini computer with web browsing capability, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity.

History of iPhone

Up till now, there are seven generations of iPhone models, each of which is accompanied by one of the six major releases of iOS (formerly iPhone OS).

1. June 29th, 2007 – The first generation of iPhone was launched in the US only. It was an GSM phone which established design precedents, i.e, screen size and button placement that have persisted through all models.

2. June 9th, 2008 – The iPhone 3G was released at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Adapting GPS technology, the iPhone 3G was able to support 3G networks. It could also record video at 480p with a higher-resolution camera.

3. June 7th, 2010 – The iPhone 4 was unveiled at WWDC. It was initially sold in the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan on June 24th. The redesigned model came with a five megapixel camera, video calling through Facetime and the Retina display.

4. October 4th, 2011 – The iPhone 4S, with a dual core chip, is unveiled at a more muted launch. Digital assistant Siri makes its first appearance on the iPhone, as does iCloud. More than 1 million preorders are placed in 24 hours.

5. September 12th, 2012 – The iPhone 5 hit the market with a larger screen and a fast improved processor. Pitifully, it has got no fingerprint authentication. A week after its releasing, a total number of five million was sold, with over two million preorders in its first 24 hours.

6. September 20th, 2013– The rumored best iPhone ever made iPhone 5S was launched. It was shipped with a slew of stunning features, such as nifty fingerprint sensor, improved high-resolution camera, super fast 64-bit A7 processor, etc. Besides, it is the first Apple device that runs the latest version of the iOS mobile operating system, iOS 7, which introduced a revamped visual appearance and other new features.

Related Software

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