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How Do You Restore a Jailbroken iPhone to Factory Settings

Would like to restore your jailbroken iPhone to factory settings for some reasons like sending your phone back to the Apple Store for service? Don't have an idea how to do that? Take it easy! Here, I will tell you how to restore jailbroken iPhone to its factory settings in a few simple steps.

Warning! Take Note before You Start:

Restoring means to erase all data from your iPhone, including but not limited to songs, videos, contacts, photos, calendar information, etc. All your settings will be restored to their original factory condition.

I'll show you two different methods to deal with the restore process.

#1 Through Desktop Backup

1. Make sure you've installed the latest version on your Mac/Windows PC;

2. Connect your iPhone to your Mac/PC via the connector cable and launch iTunes;

3. When your iPhone is detected, select it in iTunes under "Devices" list;

4. Click the "Summary" tab and then select "Restore" option;

Note: During the restore process, you will be asked whether you want to back up your iPhone. Note that only the non-jailbreak data such as contacts and photos will be backed up.

5. After selecting the "Restore" option, the new firmware will be downloaded, extracted, and installed;

6. The iPhone will restart automatically, then you have the option to choose between restoring from backup or setting up the device as a new iPhone. If you have a backup, you can restore from backup so that you'll get all your non-jailbreak apps back (your iPhone will still be un-jailbroken).

7. When the process is over, disconnect your phone. Now your iPhone is restored back to its factory settings.

#2 Over-the-Air Backup

To apply the over-the-air method, usually you need to spend more time than using the desktop method above.

1) iCloud Backup

a. Open the "Settings" app;
b. Choose "iCloud" and then turn on "iCloud Backup";
c. Hit "Back Up Now" and wait untill the backup to complete;

2) Erase Phone Data

a. Click "General" in the "Settings" app;
b. In the bottom of the right column, click "Reset";
c. Touch "Erase All Content and Settings";
d. In the pop-up window, hit "Erase";
e. When the erasure is donw and the iPhone restarts, select "Restore from iCloud Backup" to finish the restore process.

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