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How to Share MP3 Files to WhatsApp Contacts via iPhone

Want to share music/send MP3 files to friends via WhatsApp? That's a good idea and super easy for most Android users since the OS itself already offers this option. However, it's not the case when it comes to iOS users -- WhatsApp for iOS allows you to send images, movies, contacts and location, etc, but not music.

If you want to share music files over WhatsApp using iPhone, fortunately, it is still possible. Searching Google, you may find a few possible workarounds like jailbreaking your phone, or use a cloud sync app (like Google Drive) to access files from your computer and then open them using WhatsApp, etc, but what we provide here is a more feasible way that does not rely on jailbreaking or something like that. All you need is the help of a free app that offers an "Open In" option.

We found that a file compression app called iZip to be the most suitable for our purpose for it comes with the "Music Library Access" and "Open In" features which we need to use to share music files from the iPhone music library over WhatsApp.

How to Send MP3 Music Files via WhatsApp from iPhone

1. Install iZip app onto your iPhone.

2. Open Music Library in the app.

Select Music Library from the menu

3. Find the music files you want to share in the folders like Songs, Albums, etc.

Select a folder in the Music Library

4. Tap Select in the top right of the screen and choose the song(s) you want

Select the song you want to zip

5. Tap on the Zip button. The selected music file(s) will be compressed and stored inside the Local Files directory.

Select the song and then zip

6. Select the zip file just created.

Select the ZIP file you just created

7. Click OK when you are asked "Would you like to extract all files? "

Do you want to unzip the file

8. In the opened new folder containing the decompressed music file(s), select the file(s) by tapping on the adjacent round checkbox.

Select the file to be opened with

9. Choose Open In option from the bottom center of the screen, and then select Open in WhatsApp from the available choices.

Select Open in WhatsApp

10. Now choose your preferred friend to send the file(s) to. After a confirmation, the file will begin to upload.

Confirmation sending files to contact

Listen to the file received

Warning & Disclaimer

Sharing music files protected by copyright laws is illegal and we do not encourage music piracy in any way. The only purpose of this guide is to share useful skills to readers. Firecoresoft does not take responsibility for any misuse of this information. If you want to share a new song or DRM-protected music files with a friend, instead of sending the file, you can share it with them via Spotify.

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