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How to Fix iMessage Not Working Problem in iOS 7

Did you find there's a bug in Apple's iOS 7 that stops iMessage sending messages? Reason for this problem varies, and no one can tell you which exactly it is. Likewise, there're plenty of solutions – some work, some don't and nobody can make sure which way can certainly solve the problem. Thus, if the iMessage is not working in your iOS 7 devices like iPhone 5s, just try the steps below to see whether they work for you or not.


Check Network/Wi-Fi Proxies Settings

iMessage requires network (3G/Wi-Fi) connection to work.In some cases, iMessage stops working though there's a network connection but it's weak. For Wi-Fi users, get closer to the signal source/router, while using 3G signal, try restarting the cellular connections.

Note: The proxies must not hinder the network flow.

Turn OFF iMessage and then Turn ON Again

Go to "Settings" > "Messages". Turn OFF iMessage and then turn it ON again. Wait for the activation to finish and make sure there's a network connection. Hold on a second, then try to send an iMessage to your friend who's currently using iMessage with an active network.

If it is still not working, you might have to sign out your Apple ID (go to Send and Receive), re-sign in, and then repeat the turn OFF-ON.


Send and Receive Options

Last but not least, check these options which often are what really matter.

1) Go to "Settings" > "Messages" > "Send & Receive";

2) Optionally, you can configure the list you see, which contains your number and an associated Apple ID;

3) You'll have to try several ways so as to get iMessage working again, including:
a. Removing the email ID and using only the Phone number;
b. Selecting either email or iPhone to test if iMessage works with any of these;
c. Select an email AND a phone number
Thereafter, you'll see "Start New Conversion from:" -- just select your phone number for this.

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