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7 Things to Do When Your iPhone is Stolen

Unluckily, when you read this article, your iPhone might have been stolen. It's a sad story and bad experience that you phone got stolen. Anger, worry, surprise... dozens of feelings pop up through your head all at once. However, when you cool down, you need to think over a few things to avoid a secondary harm from the stolen iPhone. So what should you do when your iPhone is stolen? Here are some steps you can take:

What to Do After Your iPhone Is Stolen?

1. Go to the Police

As soon as you notice that your iPhone is stolen, you should go to the police/call the police in the city where you lost your phone. To do this, you may not be able to directly get your phone back, but reporting the case to the police with (if possible) details of the theft may help in solving the problem. In the meanwhile, if you can locate your phone and provide an approximate location (by using something like Find My iPhone) to the police, you may have a better chance to recover your phone.

2. Tell Your Friends about the Theft

iPhone could be of great use abd a thief can do a lot of things with your iPhone like cheating your friends. Thus, you'll need to notice your family and friends about the theft ASAP. You know, chances are that one of your IT guys may be able to prevent the thief from accessing private data, or maybe your friends can give you some ideas on what to do after your iPhone is stolen.

3. Change Passwords

Remember! Never let the thief get the access to your other accounts like email saved on the phone. Change your email accounts passwords as well as online banking, iTunes, and other important account passwords is significant to prevent identity theft or financial theft.

4. Track Your Phone

Today, there're tons of apps like "Find My iPhone" on the App Store that use the iPhone's built-in GPS to track a stolen iPhone by locating the phone geographically. Getting the location data is very important for getting back your phone. Besides, apps like "Find My iPhone" can also lock/wipe your phone remotely.

5. Contact Your Phone Carrier

Contacting your mobile phone carrier to report the theft, let them tie your phone account, suspend it or just cancel it, will help make sure that you're not charged any fee incurred by the thief.

6. Never Try to Get Back Your Phone by Yourself

If you're able to locate your iPhone via GPS, remember not to get it back yourself since it is really dangerous going to the thief's place. Instead, just provide the details about the thief to the police and let them help you recover the phone for you.

7. Erase Phone Data

If you're quite sure that you cannot get back your phone, or it just takes you a long time, you should consider erasing your iPhone data. You can wipe your phone remotely over the Internet via using "Find My iPhone", iCloud or other tracking apps. By doing so, you can't prevent the thief from using your phone, but at least the thief can't access your privacy and personal data afterward.

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