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How to Convert QuickTime MOV to Flash

If you have some wonderful QuickTime movies in .mov format, and you want to share them to your friends on your personal website or blog like Tumblr, Blogger, MySpace, etc, you need to convert QuickTime to Flash in advance. To handle this job, here are 2 simple and straightforward ways:

1. Flash player 9 (and versions above) supports QuickTime h.264, so you can directly save your videos as h.264 in QuickTime, and then replace its extension to .flv to have a Flash video file that plays in Flash Player 9+. You can also keep the h.264 extension and use something like JW Flash Player to play your h.264 video file in a Flash player.

2. If you have no idea how to embed and play a video with the Flash Player on your website, you want something that plays in earlier versions of Flash Player before Flash Player 9, or the method above cannot help you anyway, then you need to encode your QuickTime movies to Flash via using a professional Flash Encoder. Below is the guide on how to convert QuickTime MOV to Flash:

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Import QuickTime Videos to the Encoder

First off, download and install the Flash Encoder. Open the program, click the add files icon button on the tool bar to locate and import the QuickTime videos you want to convert.

add video files


Conduct the Flash Settings

Now click customize icon to conduct the Flash settings following step 1 to do the basic profile and video/audio parameter settings (or use the default settings), step 2 to select the output contents (remember to tick the "Generate HTML" checkbox), and step 3 to further modify the output Flash video including choosing the Flash player template.

customize output video audio parameters

customize output video content

customize player template


Publish the Flash Movie Online

Lastly, press "Convert" to start the conversion. After that, you can easily publish the Flash movie online following these steps:
1. Upload the whole exported folder to the same directory of the webpage you want to show the video via FTP;
2. Open the output HTML file with any HTML editor (or use Notepad if you don't have any editor);
3. Copy the embed code from the HTML file and paste it to the target webpage and done.

Tips: For detailed step-by-step operations in publishing videos online via using Firecoresoft Flash Encoder, you can click here.

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