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Firecoresoft Flash Encoder

How to Use Firecoresoft Flash Encoder

Firecoresoft Flash Encoder is capable of converting video to Flash with the best quality FLV video content, stylish SWF player, stunning features and effects, HTML page to include the created SWF file, thumbnails, etc. for easy publishing on Websites, blogs and/or SNS circles like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Facebook, MySpace and more. Following is the tutorial of using Firecoresoft Video Encoder for Adobe Flash to encode common videos to Flash with the best quality.

Basic Usage


Download and Install the Video to Flash Encoder

First thing first, press the "Download" button to get the trial versio of the Video Encoder for Adobe Flash, install it on to your computer, and then launch it.

video to flash converter


Add Source Video

Click the add files icon button to pick out the video files that you want to convert from your local media folders. Batch importing and converting are supported as well.

add video files


Trim Video (Optional)

If you only need certain part of the video, or you want to cut the video into segments, you can click the trim icon icon to trim the imported video. Simply drag the "triangle sliders" separately, or click the "[ ]" icon, or fill in the blanks to set the start time and end time begin trimming. And you can hit the "+/-" icon to add or remove a segment.

trim video


Edit Video (Optional)

Firecoresoft Flash Encoder is integrated with a feature-rich video editor that allows you to crop the imported videos, add special effects and/or watermark to the video, as well as adjusting the audio effect, etc. To edit the source videos, just click the crop icon icon to enter to the "Edit" panel

Crop Video

On the "Crop" tab, you can eleminate the unwanted elements of the video such as brand logos, black bars, etc. by dragging the "dashed box". You can fine adjust the detailed cropping area by filling in the Left/Top/Right/Bottom value. In addition, you can also rotate/flip the video dimension and customize the preset aspect ratio as original/full/16:9/4:3 freely.

crop video

Add Special Effect

If you want to make your videos a little cooler, you can add special effect such as "Gray", "Emboss" and "Old film" to the video on the "Effect" tab. Besides, you can also adjust the output video effect such as Brightness, Contrast, Saturation.

add special effect

Adjust Audio Effect

If the volume of the video is too low or high, you can drag "Volume" slider to increase or reduce it freely. Meanwhile, on the "Audio" tab you can also use the "Fade in/Fade out" option to make the way the audio appears/disappears more naturally.

adjust audio effect

Add Image/Text Watermark

Adding watermarks/logos is one of the best way to copyright or brand your videos. Firecoresoft Video to Flash Converter enables you to easily add image/text watermark to the imported videos before converting. To do so, just browse to add an image or type the words to embed the watermark to the video. Besides, you can change the transparency of the watermark, change its position, customize the font and font style, etc.

add watermark


Merge/Slide Video (Optional)

There're three options for you to generate and display the Flash video: click "Merge" to join the imported videos into a single one; tap "Slide" to turn the source videos into a video slide with a video playlist and display in the same Flash player; hit "Separate" to cancel the "Merge"/"Slide" mode and generate the Flash videos one by one.

merge videos, make video slide


Encode Video to Flash

When you are satisfied with the video effects, it is high time you encoded the imported videos into Flash. Simply specify an output destination to save the exported Flash videos, and then press the big "Convert" button to launch the conversion. You can choose to open the output folder or shut down your computer when the conversion is finished.

convert video to flash

Advanced Settings

As a professional Video Encoder for Adobe Flash, Firecoresoft Flash Encoder provides you the advanced Flash settings options. To customize and personalize your Flash video, just press the customize icon button to enter the "Customize" panel. On the "Step 1" panel, you can hit "Profile" to customize the video quality (High/Normal/Low quality) as per your need. Thereafter, you can specify the detailed video/audio parameters such as the encoder, audio sample rate, video bitrate, etc. which can make the output Flash Video suitable for different network band width.

Tips: If you need higher video quality, please set video bitrate and framerate to higher value.

customize output video audio parameters

Click "Next" to go to panel "Step 2". Here, you are allowed to customize what contents to export: "Generate FLV", "Generate SWF", "Generate HTML" and "Generate Thumbnail", etc.

"Generate FLV" - The FLV file is the main video content of the Flash.
"Generate SWF" - Create an SWF player for playing the Flash Video. Remember to choose "Embed the video in SWF and play in timeline" or "Play the created external FLV file progressively" if you have chosen "Generate SWF".
"Generate HTML" - Generate an HTML page to include the created SWF file. The HTML embed code can be used to help you publish the Flash video online more easily.
"Generate Thumbnail" - Create thumbnail file of the video.

customize output video content

Hit "Next" again to navigate to "Step 3" where further modify the output Flash video.

In the "Player" tab, you can pick out the SWF player template as you like.

customize player template

To change the the Flash's properties like the list and component setting, skin setting and playback setting, etc, please take full advantage of "Option" tab.

customize flash properties

If you wish to make the Flash a little more stylish, you can apply special Flash effects to the video. Just select your favorite one from the "Effect" tab.

apply flash effect

You also have the option to add image/text watermark to the Flash, as well as embedding clickable URL in the Flash video for engagement with viewers.

add watermark

If you've selected to "Embed the video in SWF and play in timeline" in "Step 2", you'll have the option to customize the "Head" and "Tail" animation, while you've selected to "Play the created external FLV file progressively", you can customize the "Preloader" of the Flash.

customize head

customize preloader

Press the big preview icon button, and then you can preview the final Flash effect.


Online Publishing

After exporting the Flash video, you can then embed the Flash to your website, blog as well as to your SNS circles like WordPress, Blogger, MySpace, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. as follow:

1. Upload the whole output folder to the same directory of the webpage you want to show the Flash video under your web sever host; or upload to any free Cloud Storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
2. Right click the the generated HTML file and then choose to open it with Notepad or any other HTML editor such as Dreamweaver.

Note: If you upload the Flash file to free Cloud Storage, you need to get the URLs of the .swf file and the .js file, and then in the HTML file, replace the "swfobject.js" and "Default.swf" with the URLs.

3. Copy the embed code from the HTML file and paste it to the target webpage and done.
4. If you've selected the option of "Play the created external FLV file progressively", you can aslo upload the .swf file alone, and then use any other SWF embed code to embed the Flash video to your Webpage, blog, etc. For embedding the Flash to Facebook, you can refer to this tutorial.

Uninstall Flash Encoder


Go to Start > All Programs > Firecoresoft > Flash Encoder > Uninstall



1. Go to the folder containing Firecoresoft Flash Encoder for Mac.

2. Drag Flash Encoder for Mac to the Trash icon in the Dock. You'll need administrative rights if it's installed in your Applications folder.

3. Remove Flash Encoder for Mac icon from your Dock, simply drag it out of the Dock with your mouse.

User Reviews

Firecoresoft Flash Encoder is an awesome piece of software. With possibilities such as fast converting different videoformats to flash. It's helpful software for webdesigners.

-P.J. Schellings


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