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How to Convert MP4 to SWF and FLV Flash for Website

If you want to put your .mp4 videos on your own website/blog just like publishing on YouTube, first of all you need to convert the MP4 to Flash videos, including converting MP4 to FLV video format and streaming MP4 to SWF Flash player. Instead of using some video converter software, you should use Firecoresoft Flash Encoder to quickly encode your MP4 to Flash with high quality.

Why Use Firecoresoft Flash Encoder?

Of course, there're tons of free video converters, such as FFmpeg, Freemake, Handbrake, etc. that can convert MP4 to SWF or FLV, but using these converters may result in some problems like:

1. You can only convert the .mp4 files to .flv, in which case you still need to search everywhere for a workable standalone Flash player to control the video playback process;

2. You can transcode your MP4 video to SWF format, but after converting you can only get the audio played and no video. That's because all these video converters use FFmpeg as the encoder to encode .mp4 to .swf. FFmpeg has strict limitation on encoding SWF videos because of the particularity of SWF format, such as the frame, bitrate, etc. If the source MP4 video is over the limitation of SWF format, the .swf file will not able to be playback normally.

3. Even though you may be able to successfully convert MP4 to Flash file, you still need to learn the tricky HTML Flash embedding code so as to put the video on your website/blog.

By using Firecoresoft Video to Flash Converter, you can solve these problems all at once! As a professional Flash Video Encoder, it can easily encode common videos to Flash with FLV contents, HTML code, thumbnails, and the SWF players, etc. generated automatically. No Flash and HTML skills needed. Just as easy as abc!

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How to Convert MP4 to Flash SWF and FLV with Firecoresoft Flash Encoder


Load MP4 Files

Download and install Firecoresoft Video to Flash Converter. Run it, then click the add files icon button to import the .mp4 files into the converter.

add video files


Edit the Videos Optionally

Optionally, you can click the trim icon icon to trim the .mp4 videos, or click the crop icon icon to edit (crop, add watermark, etc.) them.

crop video


Customize the Flash Settings

Now hit the customize icon button to enter the "Customize" panel. Follow the step-by-step instruction to set the output Flash video quality (High/Normal/Low quality), specify the output contents ("Generate FLV", "Generate SWF", "Generate HTML" and/or "Generate Thumbnail", etc.), pick out the video player skin you like and more.

customize output video content

customize player template


Publish the Flash Video Online

After all settings are done, you can preview both the video and Flash effect. Thereafter, press the big "Convert" button to start converting .mp4 to .swf/.flv and done. Now you should upload output folder to your web server host, and then copy the SWF embed code from the generated HTML file and paste to the webpage you want to show the Flash video.

convert video to flash

For more video editing/Flash settings tips and online publishing notifications, you can click here to read the detailed user guide of Firecoresoft Flash Encoder.

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