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How to Save a Webpage as an Image in Full Length

"I'm trying to save a webpage as an image. The web page I'm trying to save is a bit long, and has many images. I tried Google Chrome Screen Capture Extension and few other Chrome screen-capture plugins, but all gave me an empty image as output. How can I overcome this? Are there any other known plugins (non-Chrome is OK) to save a large webpage as an image?" -- from

In our daily work, we often need to save the whole webpage as an image, whether because the page is gorgeously designed, or because we need to insert a screenshot to PPT for illustration. However, currently, most software is restricted to regional screenshot, and seldom can they save webpage as image in full length. Yes, of course you have the option to print the webpage to PDF and then convert the PDF to image, but that requires you to have a printer driver. Some browsers such as Chrome and Firefox do have some screenshot add-ons that can take full size screenshot of a webpage, but as the friend from mentioned above, these add-ons also have some limitations.

So, which is the best tool we can use to convert webpage to image in full length, including all the pictures, text and everything on screen? Well, here I recommend you the Firecoresoft HTML to Image Command Line, which can easily create full length screenshot of a webpage, a URL, an HTML file, or an MHTML file in JPG/PNG/TIF/GIF/BMP image format. No matter how long and how large the webpage is, this Window command line tool can save it into a single image with simple commands. Now feel free to have a try!

Note: The trial version outputs image with watermark. If you want to save webpage to image without watermark limitation, you have to purchase a full version.

Windows Version

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Take a few seconds to learn how to use this Webpage to Image Command Line Tool:


Run cmd.exe

First of all, you need to run the cmd.exe -- the Windows Command Line tool. Win XP users can locate the "Run.exe" in the "Start" menu, and then type "cmd" to the input box and enter. As to Win 7 users, click the "Start" menu button, then input "cmd" in the "Search box" in the "Start" menu.


Input the source webpage's URL

Tpye "cd" and then the path you installed the HTML to Image Command Line followed. For example, input "cd C:\Program Files\Firecoresoft\HTML to Image Command Line\HTMLtoImage.exe". Press enter key, then you will see all the usage commands listed there. To create full size screenshot of a webpage, you can, for example, input "HTMLtoImage /url /file youtube.jpg". If you have downloaded the webpage as .html file, you can also pass the file path to the command line.


Save webpage to image

One more time, hit the enter key, and then the conversion will be launched and finished in a few seconds. The output image will contains all the elements in the webpage, even the Flash file and Java Script. Why not have a free trial now?

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