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How to Batch Convert HTML to Image in Full Length

"Hi guys, is there a way to convert HTML to image like PNG? I need to make the converting process works in a background program, and it should be a unattended operation since there are tons of pages. It is impossible to keep monitoring the process, so the conversion needs to be done automatically."

Well, unless you make your own parser, generally speaking, to convert HTML to image will be a difficult task , let alone automatic batch conversion. But thanks to Firecoresoft Webpage Capturer -- an easy-to-use yet powerful HTML to Image Converter, now we can achieve this goal super easily. In fact, this converter is a Windows command line tool that can convert .html to image in batch, take full length screenshots of multiple websites, and create thumbnail of webpages from any url. It works in background, so webpages don't need to be displayed or kept active to capture.

Moreover, there're many ways for you to embed the command line interface into your applications like PHP, ASP, .Net (VB or C#), etc. so that you can batch convert HTML to image automatically, but here I'm not gonna offer the scripts to show you how to embed the command line. For those who are not familiar with using command line, here is a step-by-step tutorial. Take a few seconds to read about it.

Note: Press the download link below and then you can try this HTML to Image Converter without any cost or obligation, but the trial version produces image with watermark. If you want to convert .html files to images without watermark limitation, you need to purchase a full version.

Windows Version

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Run the command line tool

Run the command line tool after you download and install the converter. To do so, Windows XP (and lower version) users can directly open the "Run.exe" in the Start menu, and then type "cmd" in the input box. For Windows 7 users, hit the "Start" menu, and input "cmd" in the "Search box". After that, you will see the interface of the cmd.exe like the below.


Input the URL or file path

Type "cd" and then the path you install the HTML to Image Converter. For example, input "cd C:\Program Files\Firecoresoft\HTML to Image Converter Command Line" (press enter key) to enter the directory. Then input "HTMLtoImage.exe"(press enter key). Thereafter, you will see the usage command of the converter. Follow the command to input the URL or file path of the HTML file you want to convert. For example:

Create full size screenshot from single website url (online page): input "HTMLtoImage /url"
Convert HTML to image (offline page): input "HTMLtoImage /file c:\htmlfile.html"
Capture multiple webpages in batch (online or offline pages): input "HTMLtoImage /list c:/list.txt"

Tips: If you want to batch convert HTML files (both online or offline pages is OK), you can prepare a text file containing all the website URLs or local paths of files, one URL per line and pass that text file path to the command line tool.

Start the conversion

At last, you just need to press the enter key one more time, the conversion will be launched and finished in a second. The converted image will be 100% the same as the original HTML file in full length, containing all the pictures and even the Flash. And the image quality will be as clear as the source website's. Of course, you are also allow to specify the output images' width and height in addition to location, name, format, etc.

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