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Convert Recorded Fraps Files to AVI/MP4/MOV on Mac

"I've used Fraps for a long time and never had any issues with it until just recently. Recording still seems fine, and when I check the properties of the recorded clip, the size, format, resolution and all that is as it should be .avi, (1920x0180, a GB or two) but Windows Media Player can't open the file because an error occurred. When I open the file in Vegas everything appears normal again, and I can open, play and render the file as before. But the image gets squeezed up when I upload it to YouTube."--Kaninstek from Fraps Forum

Looking around the forum, we can also find other questions related to the handling of Fraps videos, i.e, would like to edit the recorded Fraps game play into high-quality montages on Mac by using the professional editor like Final Cut Pro, but only to find that there is no way to import the video files in the first place.

Whether you want to appreciate the recorded game play on Windows Media Player, brag about your superb game play skill to a worldwide virtual audience via YouTube or edit the video in Final Cut Pro for better effect, Firecoresoft Mac Fraps Converter (Fraps Converter for Windows) will assuredly help achieve your goals since it can effortlessly convert Fraps video on Mac/Windows to any popular video formats, thus, allowing you to play Fraps video on Windows Media Player, share Fraps game play on YouTube or even edit Fraps files on Mac FCP, iMovie without format restriction. Remarkably, the Fraps video file can be easily converted without losing any original quality! Doesn't it great!

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In order to illustrate the operation of this reliable program, we will make a demonstration of how to convert Fraps video to YouTube acceptable format and then share Fraps game play on YouTube as below:

Preparations before Conversion: Click the link to download the free trial version of Firecoresoft Mac Fraps Converter, install it to your computer and then launch it. If you are Windows user, please go for the Windows version.

video converter


Load Fraps Video File into the Program

On the tool bar of its user-friendly interface, there are several buttons. Click the first one "Add Files", choose the recorded Fraps video and have it loaded into the program. You will see the added file in the workbench window.

add video files


Set Output Format for the Conversion

Right after importing the source video file, you can go on to set the proper output format from the format list which will pop up once you hit the "Profile" button. To upload Fraps video to YouTube for sharing, you should choose "Web Share"--"YouTube MP4 (*mp4)" as the output format. In the same way, if you would like to edit Fraps files on Final Cut Pro, please choose "Final Cut Pro"--"Apple ProRes 422(*mov)".

set output format


Customize Fraps Video Optionally

If you are not satisfied with the Fraps video and would like to perfect it, please feel free to take the best advantage of the built-in editing features. For instance, cut off the unwanted black border, customize video saturation, contrast, and brightness, apply special effect to the video, add watermark and so forth. After finishing the editing, continue to move onto the next step.

customize video


Kick off the Conversion

Press the play button, you can preview the final result. After that, click on the "Start" button and the program will begin to convert yout Fraps video to the selected format automatically. Once finished, a small window will appear, click "Yes", you can find the converted video file easily.

convert video

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Version: 3.0.2

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