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How to Convert and Burn VHS to DVD for Permanent Enshrinement

In the good old days, we used to record every small and big event and interesting things on cassettes/tapes in VHS format. As time goes by and the technology develops, the cassettes era faded out, and seldom do we still use or own the videotape recorder. However, we still value very much our weddings, childbirth, first steps, etc, which may be kept in the VHS tapes, right? Therefore, it's a good idea to convert VHS tapes to DVD so as to extend the life of your videos from the tapes. In light of this, here, I'll show you 2 simple and straightforward ways to convert VHS to DVD.

Method 1: Use TV Turner

You need to prepare:

1. Videotape recorder, or VHS player
2. RCA cables
3. TV turner
4. Computer with Windows Movie Maker installed

convert vhs to dvd

You need to do:

Step 1: Turn on the videotape recorder/VHS player, and then insert the VHS tape.

Step 2: Connect the recorder/player to the TV turner with RCA cables with corresponding ports.

Step 3: Run Windows Movie Maker

Step 4: Click "Task" and select "Capture from video device".

convert vhs to dvd

Step 5: It will take quite a long time to record the VHS video to your computer. Keep an eye on the recording process and stop it when the tape comes to an end. Thereafter, you can continue to make a DVD disc in Windows Movie Maker or use Firecoresoft Splendvd

Method 2: Use USB Capturer

Getting ready:

First off, you should prepare a videotape recorder or a video camera that can play VHS tapes. Besides, you need a USB capturer and a computer/laptop.

convert vhs to dvd

Getting started:

1. Put the VHS tape into the videotape recorder or video camera.

2. Use the USB capturer to connect the VHS player and your computer. If the capturer is accompanied by a driver disc, you should install the drivers first.

3. Follow the instructions of the built-in capturing program to start capturing the video from the old cassettes. After that, you can convert the captured videos to DVD easily with the help of Firecoresoft DVD Maker.

Which way fits you the most? Just choose the easiest one to help you!

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