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How to Record Flash Game to Video While Playing

Are you good at playing Flash games? Would you like to share to your friends how you play a funny, complicated, or tricky Flash game very well via YouTube or your mobile gadget like iPhone? I suppose your answer may probably be yes! But the question here is how to record Flash game to video while you are playing it, right?

"I was thinking about making a trailer for my Flash game. What software do you guys recommend for capturing video of gameplay and then cropping it?" -- from

Just like the friend asking above, which software can capture Flash gameplay video perfectly as per our needs? Yes, there're lots of freeware can record our computer's screen, but after that we will need to crop the video, otherwise we will just get a video of the entire browser window. Moreover, these screen capturing programs can only save the recordings in certain video format, which may not meet our needs to share to YouTube or transfer to iPhone, etc. Obviously, they are not the ideal partners for us. Considering this, here I will recommend you Firecoresoft SWF Converter -- simple software which can be very helpful on the recording and cropping the Flash gameplay video in various video format. Below is how:

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Launch the SWF Converter and open the Flash game

Click "Select File" to select the Flash game you want to play and record. After loading the file, the converter will show you some information about it, such as the File Name, Flash Version, Total Length, Frame Rate and File Size. Generally speaking, the total length of a Flash game is only a few frames, but that's not equal to the duration of the video being created.

record flash game


Optional: crop the SWF or add watermark

It is a very unique function of this SWF Converter that it allows you to crop the Flash game and add watermark to it. If you just want to record a certain part of the Flash game, you can specify the crop area here. You can also add an image like a personal logo to the Flash game as a watermark to protect your copyright. All BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG image formats are supported.

crop and add watermark


Customize the conversion and set output format

Choose a target output video format. For example, if you want to share the gameplay video on YouTube, just click the "Profile" menu bar, and then choose "Web share" > "YouTube MP4(*.mp4)" as the output format. You can also specify the audio setting and video settings properly by pressing "Settings" button. After that, set an output folder for the created video.

set output format



Start recording and converting

Click the little "triangle" icon to play the game in the "converting" window, and remember to press the "Start" button to begin recording before you play the game. Click "Stop" anytime you want to stop recording. Then a pop-up window will hint you the location of the recording video. Click "Open" to open the output folder, or click "OK" to finish recording.

capture flash game

Tips: To record Flash game to video file while playing with Firecoresoft SWF Video Converter, the important steps are: 1. specify the output and conversion settings; 2. play the Flash game in the "converting" window and click "Start" to begin recording and "Stop" to finish.

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