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How to Export Flash to Video without Losing Animation Frames

"I created a Flash animation. There are a few movie clips. One of them has a motion tween in it. But after I exported the movie as .AVI or .WMA or any format except .SWF, that tweens in the movie clip are not playing. Flash experts, please help me to export that animation as .AVI format. Many thanks!" -- Sandima, from Yahoo Answer

People have been talking about this problem for a long time. Actually, there're a few programs that can convert Flash SWF to video, but most of them will more or less cause some problems after the conversion. For example, if you use Jing or Camtasia Studio to grab the screen video while playing the SWF file, yes, you can get the SWF file exported to video file format like MP4, but the video quality is not good at all.

So how can you export Flash to video without losing animation frames in the movie clip? Well, to tell you the truth, if you use Firecoresoft SWF Converter (SWF Converter for Mac), you can easily convert SWF to AVI, or export Flash movie to .wmv, etc. without any problem.

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To export Flash to video without losing animation frames, just read the following guidelines.


Select SWF File

First of all, download and install the converter, launch it, and then click the "Select File" button to choose the SWF file you want to convert.

add swf file


Set Output Format

To convert SWF to AVI or WMV without quality loss, just select the output format from "Profile" > "Common Video" format list. Besides, you can click the little "gear" icon to set the detailed output video parameters as well.

set output  format


Start Converting

After the settings, the final step is to press the "Start" button to launch the conversion. The output video file will keep the origial quality, and will not lose any animation frames. Very easy, and you won't make any mistakes!

set output  format

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Version: 2.0.1

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