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How to Convert CAF Files to MP3/AAC/WAV on Mac

"I have iTunes on my computer but the CAF file still won't play. It doesn't even allow me to choose what to open it with."--Jackson from

As is well acknowledged, the CAF file format was specially developed by Apple Inc for storing audio. Besides, some programs such as Pro and Logic Studio also use the .caf format. Given the fact that the CAF is not a popular file format and it cannot be supported by most portable devices and media players, only the users who run Mac OS X 10.4 and higher can play CAF files smoothly, while the Mac OS X 10.3 needs QuickTime 7 to be installed. Now, it is pretty clear that why Jackson failed to play .caf files on iTunes. Even worse, if we would like to play the CAF video files on non-Apple devices such as Windows Media Player, Android mobile phones, PS4, Xbox One, etc, we are out of luck as well.

Any idea to save us from this face-palm moment? How to make the CAF files playable on those media devices smoothly? Trying to convert CAF files to a more popular audio format like CAF to MP3 might be a best solution. Reason is obvious that MP3 format has got better compatibility than the CAF. To transcode CAF to MP3 format, the versatile Mac CAF Converter by Firecoresoft is worth trying. As a professional converter, this CAF converter for Mac can fast convert .caf to .mp3, .caf to .aac, .caf to .m4a and other common audio formats lossless. Besides, this Mac CAF to MP3 converter provides a slew of editing features, allowing users to increase CAF audio volume, trim audio segments, customize audio parameters like sample rate and audio channels, etc.

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Tips: For Windows users who like to play .caf files on Windows Media Player, please download the CAF Converter for Windows to convert CAF to WAV or MP3 format.

How to Convert CAF File to MP3 Format on Mac


Preparation: Download & Run Mac CAF Converter

Both Mac and Windows versions of Firecoresoft CAF video converter are available for free trial, kindly get the one based on the OS you are running. After installation, run the program to enter its interface.

mac caf to mp3 converter


Select & Add CAF Source File into the Program

To add the source caf file into the program, there are two ways you can use:

1.Click on the "Add File" button to select the source CAF file and load it into the program.

2.Directly drag and drop the CAF file into the workbench window.

add video files


Set Output Format from Format List

Click the "Profile" button, you will see a format list with rows of video & audio formats. To convert .caf to .mp3 means you need to choose "Common Audio"--"MP3 (*mp3)" as the output format. In the same way, to transcode CAF to WAV, you should set "WMV" to be the output format.

set output format


Advanced Customization for CAF File

Right after choosing the output format, you can do advanced customization to the CAF file optionally. For instance, press the "Trim" button, you can get rid of the unwanted parts by setting the start time and end time. Click on the "Edit", you are allowed to adjust audio volume, add fade in/fade out effects to the file as you like, etc.

customize file

Tips: Press the "Settings" button next to "Profile", you are able to customize the audio bitrates, sample rate and more.



Start to Convert CAF Files

Finally, hit the "Start" button to get the CAF conversion started. The process will be shown on a progress bar with the completion percentage clearly.

convert video

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