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Firecoresoft iMade Flipbook for Mac

How to Create Flipbook via Firecoresoft iMade Flipbook for Mac

Firecoresoft iMade Flipbook for Mac is a powerful yet easy-to-use Mac Flipbook Creator that converts PDF to Flash flipping ebook and other online publications on Mac. With this PDF to Flipbook Maker for Mac, you can easily create impressive page-turning books, brochures, catalogs by taking several simple steps. A detailed guideline is provided to show you how to do the job at ease.

Step by Step to Convert PDF to Flash Flipbook on Mac


Launch Mac Flipbook Creator

In order to give you the first experience of how this program works, a free trial version is specailly provided. Please click the "Free Trial" icon to download the package, follow the simple instruction to install it on the Mac. When finished, launch the program and you'll enter the main interface. Picture is shown as below:

mac imade flipbook


Import Source PDF to the Workspace

The interface is very simple and clean with several buttons only. You need to click the "Add File" button on the menu bar and then load the source PDF file into the workspace of the program. Once added, the file will be shown with its name, size and total pages. Please note that you can add bunches of PDF files at the same time. Besides, you can customize the page range of the file to be converted by double-clicking "Selected Pages" column and type in the page number.

add pdf files


Optional Customization to the Flipbook

Next to the "Add File" button, there locates the "Customize". Click it and a new small window will appear. You are required to choose the options of "Play the created external PDF file progressively", "Embed the PDF in SWF and play in timeline" or "Generate HTML" based on your need. When done, click "Next" to move on for more customizations as follows.

choose output

Firstly, you can customize the player style of the flipbook. To do it, please click the "Player" button on the left hand of the interface. After that, you will see two options - "PageFlip Viewer" and "Slide Viewer", both of which are providing the attached models for choices. You can choose the one you like the most freely.


Secondly, when click the "Option" button, you are allowed to customize the properties of Layout (book size, window size, outline pane position), Flipping (hardcover, flipping interval, flipping speed, etc), Toolbar (activate hidden controller bar, controller bar align, etc) and Buttons (activate hidden thumbnails, hidden table of content, etc). In the meanwhile, you are allowed to do advanced settings if needed, for example, personalize the background color, background position, controls style and so forth.


Thirdly, you can select your favorite preloader template by clicking the "Preloader" button. More than 20 cool templates are displayed; you can click each of them to view the effect on the right panel.


Finally, you can do other customizations by using the options listed at the bottom of the right-hand interface. The options include zooming, enable full screen, highlight text of the file, create bookmark to each page and so forth. Please take your time to do what you like.


Begin the Conversion

With all of the optional customizations done, click "OK" button and you will be back to the main interface of the program. If you would like to save the output file in the desired location, please click the "Output Folder" button to specify the position. Last but not least, hit the big "Export" button to kick off the conversion. The program will begin the job automatically. A small window will show you the conversion state in the real time.

convert pdf file

How to Uninstall iMade Flipbook for Mac


Go to Start > All Programs > Firecoresoft > iMade Flipbook > Uninstall iMade Flipbook



1. Go to the folder containing Firecoresoft iMade Flipbook for Mac.

2. Drag iMade Flipbook for Mac to the Trash icon in the Dock. You'll need administrative rights if it's installed in your Applications folder.

3. Remove iMade Flipbook for Mac icon from your Dock, simply drag it out of the Dock with your mouse.

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