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Firecoresoft PDF Converter for Mac

How to Use Firecoresoft PDF Converter for Mac

Firecoresoft PDF converter for Mac represents a super easy solution to increase the PDF productivity. With countable simple steps, you can convert PDFs to Word, Excel, Text, Images, Html and Epub with the highest output quality. Almost all users can do the job effortlessly by following the detailed steps:

How to Convert PDF Files in 4 Steps


Run PDF Converter for Mac

First and foremost, please click the "Free Trial" button to download the professional Mac PDF conversion app, install the program onto your Mac by following the instruction. After installation, run the program. You will see its main interface as below:

pdf converter for mac


Load Source PDF File into the Program

On the menu bar of the interface, you will see three buttons. In order to import the source PDF file, you can click the first "Add Files" button to get the job done. By the way, you are allowed to add piles of PDF files in the same way. Once the file is loaded, it will be displayed in the workbench window of the interface together with the file name, size and total page. If you want to cancel the added source file, you can click the "Remove" button. To delete multiple files, simply press the "Clear" button to make it.

add pdf files

Tips: The "Selected Pages" is default to be "All", but if you want to convert the certain page range instead of the whole file, you can double click the "Selected Pages" blank to type the desired page number as you like.

Select Proper Output Format

After importing the source file, you need to choose the proper output format. For example, if you need to convert PDF file to Microsoft Word, you should choose "Word" as the output format. In the meanwhile, you will see the "Target Type" shows "word" spontaneously.

Tips: 1. If the source PDF file needs a open password, you will have to type in the password by clicking "unlock" button before choosing the output format.
2. You can customize the location for saving the converted file by ticking the checkbox of the "Output Folder".

To convert PDFs to Images type, you need to choose "Image" to be the output format. Please note that the default format of the image is ".jpg", if you would like to change it, please click the "Setting" button which allows you to choose ".bmp", ".png" or ".tiff" according to your requirement.

image option

To convert PDFs to HTML type, please select "HTML" as the output format. After that, click the "Setting" button, you are able to customize the background color optionally. By the way, you can choose "Ignore Images in the PDF Files" so that the converted file will not contain any pictures.

html option

To convert PDFs to Epub, you should choose "Epub" as the output format. Press the "Setting" button, you are able to choose "Text and image to Epub" or "Each page as an image to epub" on the basis of your requirement. Besides, if you don't want any picture or hyperlinks in the output file, you can select "Ignore Images" or "Ignore Hyperlinks" accordingly.

html option


Launch the Conversion

Finally, it's time to start the conversion. Simply click the big "Convert" button and the Mac PDF conversion tool will get down to convert the PDF files. A small window will show you the process of the conversion by percentages.

convert pdf file

How to Uninstall PDF Converter for Mac


Go to Start > All Programs > Firecoresoft > PDF Converter > Uninstall PDF Converter



1. Go to the folder containing Firecoresoft PDF Converter for Mac.

2. Drag PDF Converter for Mac to the Trash icon in the Dock. You'll need administrative rights if it's installed in your Applications folder.

3. Remove PDF Converter for Mac icon from your Dock, simply drag it out of the Dock with your mouse.

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