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20 Best FCP X Effects and Plugins You Should Have

There is a number of FCPX third-party effects and plugins available, both paid and free. These plugins are easily downloadable and add useful tools for editing your video so it's the best it can possibly be. Do a Google search and you will get hundreds of results. We have narrowed the field down to the top ten paid and top ten free FCPX effects plugins and where to find them.

Part 1. Top 10 Free Final Cut Pro X Effects and Plugins

Part 2. Top 10 Paid Final Cut Pro X Effects and Plugins

Top 10 Free Final Cut Pro X Effects and Plugins

#1 Alex4D

Some of the effects offered by this plugin include transitions, feature overlays, a simulated analog switch, can modify the inside and outside settings on clips, and fixes wide-angle shots that were taken with a fish-eye lens.


#2 Magic Bullet Colorista Free

Employing numeric sliders and three-way wheels, this free app allows for full and precise color correction of your work.


#3 Normality

This app allows you to light scenes and 3D objects correctly by using normal passes through your 3D program and other advanced lighting techniques.


#4 Effect: ASCII Art

This app can produce black and white effects on a colored video as well as add some other cool effects.


#5 Manifesto

Create titles and title roll generators for your video using specific effects. You can also clean up your text by using de-flickering or motion blurring.


#6 DaVinci Resolve Lite

The app works in nodes that are similar to layers and you can combine an unlimited number of nodes for color correction and unlimited color effects.


#7 Pan and Zoom

This app creates a smooth motion between any two areas of your source material. It allows you to resize clips and keeps the animation in sync with the clip's length or set the duration in seconds.


#8 Star Titler

TAnimate your titling so it looks like the titling of the movie Star Wars. You can import your own text and customize the style, keeping the animation in sync with your clip. It also allows for depth blurring of the background images.


#9 PiPinator Free

Create picture-in-picture effects without the use of keyframing. Drag it into your clip and it does the work. Alter the size of your image and choose its position and then fine tune your final product.


#10 Photo Filter

This app allows you apply effects to still images using a variety of filters that offer vignetting, edging, and light leaks.


Top 10 Paid Final Cut Pro X Effects and Plugins

#1 Lock & Load X

This is a stabilizer that works fast and offers better results to your work with less blurriness and zooming. It also removes fish-eye lens distortion.

Price: $99.00


#2 Smoke

Streamline your editing with a track-based video timeline, add amazing effects with node-based compositing tools, and increase your productivity.

Price: $195.00


#3 Multi-cam Plugin

The plugin allows for simultaneous logging of data for up to twenty-six cameras and color-coding to identify them. Keep notes, rate content, and it includes a multicam report.

Price: $49.99


#4 PROLAROID Professional Instant Photo Effects for FCPX

Integrating easily into Final Cut Pro, this plugin adds different effects touches to your still images with customizable effects as well as thirty pre-loaded looks.

Price: $29.95


#5 Final Cut Library Manager 2.5

Keep track of all of your work in various libraries in one convenient location. Customize to include which sources to keep track of and how you sort them.

Price: $10.00


#6 DaVinci Resolve

This paid version of the plugin offers more than the free version, with a range of editing tools and precision color correction.

Price: $995.00


#7 Pro Maintenance Tools

Keeps your editing system running smoothly and has diagnostic tools and repair tools in case you run into a problem such as corrupted media files or crashed logs.

Price: $139.00


#8 CoreMelt Complete V2

Sample the plugin for free to give it a test run, but it's a great plugin with over two hundred effects and filters that you can apply to your work. It offers color effects, glows, blurs, and other effects.

Price: $199.00


#9 Particle Metrix

Explode text or video, dissolve objects, or shatter images into pixels with this plugin that comes with pre-loaded effects or customize your own.

Price: $99.00


#10 Magic Bullet Looks 2

With presets and manual color adjustments, this plugin makes color correction easy and precise.

Price: $399.00

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