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How to Convert Any Videos on Galaxy S5 on Mac

Can Galaxy S5 Play Any Video Directly?

When talking about enjoying videos on the decent Galaxy S5, one will end up with great disappointment. Reason is obvious and simple - the S5, like its predecessor S4, only supports the specified video formats - namely MPEG4 and H.264. With that said, there's no way for us to play the videos such as FLV, MOV, MKV, etc on the S5 directly.

Workable Way to Play Any Video on Galaxy S5

You may get upset by the format incompatibility issue. Don't be. We have got a workable way to fix the problem - convert video to Galaxy S5 supported format MP4 via a reliable Galaxy S5 video converter for Mac. Honestly, with a boatload of such Galaxy S5 video converter for Mac available, picking the best and most reliable one will be no mean feat. This time, we highly recommend Firecoresoft Video Converter for Mac (Video Converter for Windows), which's well known for its solid performance and time-saving speed.

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How to Convert Video to Galaxy S5 on Mac

Click the free trial button to download the converter, after proper installation, run the program. Please note that if you are running Windows, you should get the Windows version. Then, follow the detailed steps to carry out the conversion as below :


Import Source Video File into the App

Click the "Add Files" button on the menu bar, you can select the source video file and import it into the program. Bunches of files can be added for batch conversion at one go.

add files


Specify Output Format

To watch videos on Galaxy S5, you'll need to choose the compatible format for the S5. To be specific, you should first click the "Profile" button to access the format list, then browse the list to locate "Samgsung" > "Samsung Galaxy S IV(.mp4)" as the output format.

set output format

Tips: The parameters(resolution, frame rate, bitrate, etc) of the output file are customizable, you can click the "Settings" button to adjust them as per your requirement.



Edit Source File Optionally

This Galaxy S5 video converter for Mac comes with a built-in editor, designating to help edit your source file freely. The editing features include but not limited to: merge multiple files into a single one, cut off the unwanted frame, add artistic effects, insert text/image watermark, adjust audio volume, etc.

edit the file


Launch the Conversion

With the optional editing done, you can click the play button to view the final result. Then, press the "Save to" button next to the "Profile", you are able to desinagte a location for saving the converted file. Finally, launch the conversion by clicking the "Start" button in the right lower corner of the interface. Wait for a little while, the conversion will be done. Open the file folder, you will get the output file, transfer it to the smart phone, you can start to watch videos on Galaxy S5 cozily.

start to convert

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